New band with the remarkable name BUICIDE. In was born on the firmament of melodic death metal in summer 2004. In a few months was prepared material with which a group successfully made debut on a festival ROCK PALACE OPEN AIR in a company with BONEY NEM, RESLEEP (Finland), KOMA, PSILOCYBE LARVAE, TARTHARIA, ABNORMAL and other.

BUICIDE had begun to record the album in the end of 2005. The album was mixed by the known producer Anssi Kippo in a studio ASTIA (Finland). A variety of groups have recorded music there, including of CHILDREN OF BODOM, To/die/for, IMPALED NAZARENE, LULLACRY, ROTTEN SOUND, ENTWINE, and other. BUICIDE album "Escaping from Yourself" almost immediately was appreciated by the fans of bands like DEATH, ATHEIST, SADIST, PESTILENCE and CYNIC. In late 2009, BUICIDE signed an agreement with the English label Casket Music to release and distribution the album in the entire world.

BUICIDE it's a colorful concert band. The group had performed with NORTHER (Finland), VESANIA (Poland), FM 2000 (Finland), ASGUARD (Belarus), OMANS LAND, GRENOUER, DOMINIA, GREAT SORROW, WOLFSANGEL, STALWART, VERGELTUNG, ITEM, MCM, TARTHARIA, SATANATION, FERROTALE, DIAPOSON and many others. The musicians of BUICIDE participated as session and guest musicians in projects such as TARTHARIA (Russia-Finland), СЕВЕРНЫЕ ВРАТА , ABNORMAL, GRENOUER, SEXIST, CANNIBAL CORPSE (Tatarstan), MEGADETH (Uzbekistan), BLACK SABBATH (Mongolia), THE BEATLES (Ivory Coast). In the spring of 2010, work started on material for a new album, which has been successfully written in May 2011.

BUICIDE's new album was recorded, mixed and mastered in a ASTIA studio with producers Anssi Kippo and Miitri Aaltonen (Stam1na, Mokoma, Kotiteollisuus).

After drummer Sergey Mareychenko quit, in autumn 2011, the band replaced him with Roman Gubarik.

BUICIDE is currently honing new material, which is the basis for the forthcoming album, as well as preparing for WACKEN METAL BATTLE RUSSIA which will be held in the summer of 2013 in Moscow.